Fairman Harris Probate diversity summary details as at 30th March 2021

Fairman Harris has always committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, with a view to creating a diverse, culturally rich and inclusive environment. We believe in extending this practice outside of our employees, engaging with clients and suppliers from all backgrounds, providing a fair workplace. This carries through in our recruitment, staff development, remuneration packages and benefits.

Diversity data is recorded in line with ICAEW diversity guidelines.


In our most recent survey:

The staff team comprised of 40% Partner/Management and 60% other. The age of team members is evenly spread through the age groups, however, with no representation from those over pensionable age. Fairman Harris has always promoted the recruitment of women, with the team comprising of 70% female. Ethnicity is represented through members from Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, English and other backgrounds. This has, historically, always been a very strong area of diversity for Fairman Harris. 

A variety of faiths are represented within the practice, including Christian, Hindu, Muslim and other faiths.

The team represent a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, with educational levels attained from a G.C.S.E level qualification through to a degree level, with a fair split between state funded schools and independent schools. 

Social mobility and diversity is represented through family backgrounds in clerical, manual (both semi routine and routine) and professional services.


70% of the team have responsibilities for a child or children under the age of 18, with 20% of the team providing additional support to others with long term physical or mental ill health/disability.  


For more information on our probate services, please contact Shafiq on 020 7622 0180.

Fairman Harris is licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to carry out non-contentious probate in England and Wales. Details of our probate accreditation can be viewed at icaew.com/probate under reference number C001883203.